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NYC public school system edits Jesus out of history.

Don't like history the way it happened? Just declare certain portions of it null and void. That appears to be the approach taken by the New York City public school system, which since 2001 has forbidden schools from displaying Christian Nativity scenes, supposedly due to such scenes not being "historical."

In contrast, the NYC public school system considers the Jewish Menorah, the Star of David, and the Islamic star-and-crescent flag to be "historical," and encourages their display during the religious holidays of Hanukkah and Ramadan. The Thomas More Law Center filed suit in 2002 on behalf of Andrea Skoros, mother of two children in the NYC schools. Defendants in the case include New York City and the chancellor of the NYC Department of Education. The Thomas More Law Center is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of the religious freedom of Christians.

Recently, NYC filed legal briefs disputing the claim that the Nativity scene depicts a historical event and that this event is the basis for the celebration of Christmas. In rebuttal, the Law Center filed a motion to temporarily restrain the city from enforcing its ban on Nativity scenes. Robert Muise, the Law Center attorney handling the case, observed, "This case will decide whether public school officials can enforce a policy that shows preference for Judaism and Islam, but disfavors Christianity."

As for the birth of Jesus not being historical, New York City officials obviously either think eminent ancient historians such as Josephus, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Tacitus and Eusebius are all crackpots--since each refers to Jesus as a historical figure--or they think Jesus materialized on this earth without being born.

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Lambertville NJ. Best Week-end Getaway for Stressed Out New Yorkers

The How To and Nitty Gritty

The town is really easy to get to by car, bus or train. I would suggest the bus. The Trans-Bridge Bus Company runs buses every day that go from Allentown PA into Port Authority in New York City and back again. There are a number of buses that stop in Lambertville, right in the middle of downtown. Check the Trans Bridge Website for details and fares. They actually run extra buses on week-ends which is nice.

There is regular train service via NJ Transit to either Trenton or Hamilton( the nearest stations) but if you opt for that, you are left with a long and expensive taxi ride or with renting a car to get to Lambertville. Forewarned is forearmed.

If you own a car and choose to drive to Lambertville from Manhattan or any of the Boros, it will take you between an hour and a half and two hours depending on time of day, traffic flow and precise distance from your starting point. But driving is an easy choice, and don't forget to fill up your tank while you are in New Jersey. Gas is cheaper than in New York.

Your hotel or B&B may well offer off-street parking, but if not, there is no problem. The business section has parking meters, but the residential streets have free parking and it is easy to find a spot, plus there are several available public lots. Car theft and vandalism are not a problem. It's a small town and the locals park on the street too. Everybody is very friendly. You'll see.

Where to Stay and What to Do

I'm going out on a limb here and am going to recommend three in-town places, within walking distance of the bus stop from New York, as places to stay. Two are boutique hotels and fairly high end and one is a local pub/restaurant in a historic house that also is a small, but very comfortable Inn with just six rooms, where you will feel at home and be treated with real small town American hospitality. However, there is much more to choose from than these three places. Especially if you have your own car, there are many small Inns and B&B's as well as a wide variety of dining and entertainment possibilities to choose from, both in Lambertville itself,and across the Delaware River in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

The Inn at Lambertville Station. It is a full service 45 room hotel right in the middle of town ( and only two short blocks from where the New York bus drops you off). It's a perfect jumping off place for everything and best of all they have a number of specially priced week-end packages that are really a terrific bargain. Plus if you drive, there is a big parking lot and lots of walking paths nearby.

The Lambertville House Hotel offers European elegance, superb service and every amenity you can imagine right in the heart of town. It is expensive, but worth every penny. Plus they too offer some very special week-end getaway deals.

If you are looking for clean comfortable and economical B&B lodgings in town a short walk from where the bus lets you off, in an old house with lots of atmosphere and good pub grub,try the Inn of the Hawke. They only have six rooms, so you had better call and reserve well in advance. Call them at (609) 397-9555 for more information and check out their website for lots of photos, seasonal menus, and more information. The place is small, but the rooms are lovely, the food is good and the welcome will definitely be warm.